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weather. rainy and cold. colin kaepernick hits former patriot randy moss with the 24- yard touchdown. the 49ers are rolling. 9ers defense, steven ridley gets the ball, deshawn runs off as he weaves in and out of traffic. sloppy game today. here was a fumble, but gore picks it up. he races in for the touchdown. and following over, colin kaepernick makes them play. michael crabtree splits the defender. san francisco is just destroying tom brady and the patriots. brady leads the patriots 29 unanswered points. brady 443 yards. two interceptions. mid way through the fourth, the patriot's come back is complete. the run by danny woodhead. colin kaepernick is the quarterback of now. he finds michael crabtree. an amazing game, 38-41. colin kaepernick is the first to throw fur touchdown ins a game for a long time. the pass is incomplete. 9ers take over, tack on a field goal. they would win 41-34. they improved it. 10, 3, and one and here is what the coaches had to say after the game. >> great victory. really loved the way the team sucked it up so many times. >> we didn't play well. >> it's a h
forward and chase what matters. >>> all right. hello. the honeymoon is over for colin kaepernick, alex smith says that used to be me. frank gore goes 23 yards for the 1st down. he would finish with a one yard touchdown. 7-0. gore with 58 yards. 49 history here. smith tied the 49er record for sacks in a season with 17-1/2. in 1993. colin kaepernick first big mistake. scrambles and throws it away. the ball does not get back to the line of scrimmage. that is a safety. they rule it a safety. 7-2. here is his second mistake. over the head and the rams recover. jenkins in the end zone for a touchdown and they can't believe it. alex smith looks on at the mistake and the rams convert the two point conversion to tie the game 10-3. jim harbaugh can't believe it but the 49ers get the ball back. they could have been the defining moment of colin kaepernick's career. races down the sideline for the 50-yard gain. the longest run since steve young. next play, jim harbaugh gets aggressive. going for the touchdown. and it goes off the finger tips of walker. the 9ers settle for a field goal to take the l
you he pounds you. didn't touch alex smith yesterday. colin kaepernick, the play that decided the game. the flip, late in the game, things going the 49ers way. up by 8 and they rolled the dice and tried the option, didn't work. rams tied it 10-10. after a 49er field goal, the rams a field goal to send it to over time. field goal in over time to win it. jim harbaugh and the 49ers 8-3- 1, losing to the rams. >> with colin kaepernick, thought, especially after the fumble touchdown, the way he responded, where the team responded, again, putting themselves in a position to win after that and after the safety too. i thought he responded with big throws and some big plays. >> all right. no hesitation, colin kaepernick starts sunday against miami. raiders quick turn around hosting peyton manning and the broncos on thursday night. this is one of the highlights of the day. the grounds crew, they got the field ready and cleveland took apart the raiders. raiders scored a touchdown to make the score 20-17. but the browns snapped their 12 game road losing string and here is greg substituting for coa
their four game losing streak against the browns and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has a rude awakening in st. louis. sports wrap is next -- sports rab is next. >>> good evening. thank you for joining sports rap. jim harbaugh put his coaching reputation on the line by switching quarterbacks and second guessers are having a field day. today all the added qualities jim harbaugh said colin kaepernick provides was not totally evident today in st. louis. jim harbaugh said the loss isn't on colin kaepernick's shoulders. colin kaepernick lead them on a decent drive in the 1st quarter. one yard touchdown. that is the only touchdown for san francisco in this game. 9ers led 10-2. 3 minutes left in the game when 49ers make a daring call. colin kaepernick can't execute. the pitch is off the mark. he scoops and scores. they added two-point conversion. 10-10. how can that happen? colin kaepernick, watch that blow up. that allows him to run to the ram's four run line. sets up the fold goal. st. louis has too much time and the rookie kicker kicks the game tying 53-yard field goal. over time. second tim
harbaugh gets his new starting quarterback in shape for the game and we will start again, colin kaepernick, just an inability to adjust what the rams were doing on defense. hard reality check for colin kaepernick and a more humble head coach. >> tough loss. we got oo finish games. -- to finish games. that is our job to finish those games. we all take responsibility for that. responsibility starts with me on that option play that, you know, resulted in the nightmare scenario. position of the game i should not have let that play be called. with colin kaepernick, responded with big throws and some big plays. >> humble pie for him. meanwhile, the same sad thing for the raiders, another loss, and adding to it the coach's misery. we flown to texas to be with his ailing father. they host peyton manning and the broncos thursday night in oakland. lebron james had an unbelievable great year. winning gold in the olympics, first nba title, mvp and today named man of the year. no idea what he could do to top that in 2013. knowing him he will probably find a way. that is the sporting life. >> big ring.
the cardinals? did colin kaepernick do enough? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, with road games in new engld and seattle in the next two >> good day to watch the 9ers play and frank gordon, the record books. >> the division is going to get really interesting in the next couple weeks. the 9ers have road games in new england, seattle, in the next two weeks. the san francisco 49ers could not let today's game against miami slip away. colin kaepernick looking to keep them in control. 6-3 san francisco in the 3rd quarter. punts from the shade in to the sun. can't come up with it. the 49ers have the ball at the 9-yard line. two plays later they give it to frank gore in from two yards out, his 50th career touchdown. that ties roger craig and joe perry for a 49ers' franchise record. 4th quarter, anthony dixon adds. miami goes in to desperation mode. they're on 4th down here. ryan tannehill. what a catch. he brought it down with one han watch the knee here come down and that is just inbounds and the 9er lead is cut to 20-13. a little over 4 minutes left in the game. dolphins driving again. again it's 4th down. t
to colin kaepernick, the perfect pass. but moss just can't hang on to it. wait, it looks like a flag but it is not called. that is number 25. no interference call. later gore again, 19 yards. down at the one. dickson scores on the next play. that caps off a 14 play, 83- yard drive. gore goes over the 1,000-yard park again. great catch for the dolphins. three yard touchdown. 20-13. but jim harbaugh 6-0 all time following a loss. colin kaepernick makes sure of it here. option read. untouch for 50 yards. he had 53 yards rushing. 27-1349ers win. 9-3-1. they are a game and a half up on seattle. here is jim harbaugh after the win. >> these games are realee hard -- really hard. miami is a heck of a team. we knew they would be tough to move the football in. offense played winning football. >> tough, tough schedule two weeks in a row, at new england and at seattle. they could be a battle. college hoops. cal hosting unlv. 6-1 coming in. wallace, the backdoor cut. up and under. he missed a free throw. 34-34. wallace had 13. bennett goes baseline for the big dunk. 25-3 for bennett. marshall shoo
philanthropic efrpts efforts all around the world. >>> a big honor for colin kaepernick. and the warriors take on the kings in sacramento in a high-scoring affair. >>> and the bay area's favorite way to are i think in the new year is always with kron4! the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will be on the kron4 new year's live show. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdealer.com today. >>> welcome back, everyone. the red-hot warriors scored a season high 127 points tonight in sacramento, and they still lost. 2nd kings up by 15. 4th quarter, warriors battle back. jack had 28 points 7 rebounds in the game. steph curry hits a
, but could they people, with their first win in a month? >> the 49ers' colin kaepernick coolz off in >> ama: the recent series of storms dumped a lot of rain in wine country. the napa with waters swelled during the storm. reporter: and now it's all downhill from here. the water is starting to recede. the napa river was supposed to reach its peak between 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. we have a closer look for you. it is flowing rather quickly. we have seen all sort office junk in the water, including large tree branches and other debris. we have some video from earlier in the day. one of the reasons city officials and residents are so happy is because there's a flood fro ject going on here, including widening the river here, and they're crediting that flood project with keeping the water from going over the banks. there's been no flooding in the city because of the work. one area on the napa river which did experience some flooding was on oak knoll avenue, primary lay vineyard and agricultural area, very few homes. so even if it goes over the banks there, damage is not expected to be widespread, al
around, and colin kaepernick does what he does bes >> ama: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner met today to discuss the impending fiscal cliff. they're trying to find a deficit cutting deal to stop a combination of tax increases and spending cut to kick in. some government agencies are making contingency plans. here's that part of the story. >> preparing for the holidays is a reminder of something else just around the kosher, a -- corner, fiscal cliff deadline that is permanent here. >> i can't imagine funding being cut. it would be tragic. >> she is worried mandatory budget cuts would hurt food safety inspection. >> he was in the hospital for three weeks. >> she and her babies got poisoning from meat she ate while pregnancy. the cdc says contaminated food sickens 38,000 people a year, 3,000 people die. so the fda are charged with protecting the food supply. an 8.2% budget cut translates to a combined $157 million. >> there's no word exactly what cuts would mean to inspector staffing. >> both the fda and usda-already stretched thin when it comes to inspection activities
. >> jim harbaugh turned 49 today. colin kaepernick inexperience showed up tonight and 49 jack! what happened? me and jason came back with drinks and all 20 nuggets were gone. we got nugged. there was a nugging. this guy just came running up... dip! dip! dip! shoveling 'em into his face! give me your nuggets- -we're like "no! save some for our boyfriends!" need more nuggets? jack's crispy, all-white meat chicken nuggets come with a choice of seven awesome sauces. an order of 20 is only $4.99 we should probably call the cops. i'll just get you more nuggets. no, thanks, i'm stuffed. >> ama: tonight several hospitals throughout the bay area are bracing for a one day nurses strike tomorrow. the walkout will affect all of sutter health care bay area facilities in the east bay and solano county including alta bates hospital. sutter says replacement nurses will be brought in to care for patients. the storm watch covering now, member of a club in pleasanton is lucky was in the building as a giant redwood tree crashed through the building. it blocked part of valley avenue. no one was injured
francisco, great defense and all that. colin kaepernick now a quarterback against brady and the patriots. >> but that's the real matchup. smith has 19 1/2 sacks. michael strahan set the record with 22 1/2 and a little controversy at the end of that one. but this is tom brady going up against that defense is really about as good a matchup as you can hope for in the national football league. >> so much at stake here, too, because as tony was talking about in the pregame show, the playoff positioning and a huge difference between being the one and two seed and number three, you have to play a wild card game. >> and colin kaepernick will be in one of those kind of games, those big moments, and is he ready? you know, as alex smith was the guy at least he had some playoff experience, but this is a big one for him. >> 49ers and patriots, that's next sunday night on nbc. it all starts at 7:00 eastern time. "football night in america." so this is the story from green bay. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. for our entire crew. saying good night from lambeau field in green bay, wiscon
the 49ers outing yesterday they are sticking with colin kaepernick. jim harbaugh says he liked how he handled himself yesterday when thicks didn't -- things didn't go right for the team. >> i thought he played well. did a lot of really good things. >> last week he had colin kaepernick had the hot hand but it wasn't enough to return alex smith as the team prepares for the dolphins. however jim harbaugh seems to be leaving the door open as the 9ers make their push to the playoffs. >> he won ocelot of football games. preparing himself to play in each of these games every week. that is what his mind set has to be. as if he was the starting quarterback. >> sunday will be colin kaepernick's 4th connective start. the 9ers have four games to control their destiny. >>> officials warn today the flu season is heating up. the centers for disease control says flu activity increased across the country. 5 regions reporting higher levels than formal. 36% of people have got an flu shot. they are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. >>> a painful cough is keeping george h. w. bush in the hospital in
... colin kaepernick??t five. kapernick joined tom brady d peyton manning as the only r istory >>> it took alex smith 75 starts to win the player of the week, colin kaepernick just five. he threw for four touchdown passes at gillette stadium in new england. alex smith won the award on october 29th after beating the cardinals in arizona. a week later he lost his job to colin kaepernick. >>> the 49ers are gearing up for the showdown against seattle sunday night. much has been made over the years about harbaugh's rivalry with the seahawks coach pete carroll that dates back to their days at stanford and usc. >> certain characteristics... [ inaudible ] >> i don't remember getting any cards from him. [ laughter ] >> at the holidays. [ inaudible ] 855 battery... >> he needs his own prime time show. carroll's hallmark card was lost in the mail but for us it showed up here at 855 battery. >>> harbaugh's mailbox is probably always full of cards from david shaw who took over the stanford program from harbaugh a couple of years ago. today shaw signed a long-term deal with stanford. he guided the cardi
. to foxborough next week. great matchup, san francisco, great defense and all that. colin kaepernick now a quarterback against brady and the patriots. >> but that's the real matchup. smith has 19 1/2 sacks. michael strahan set the record with 22 1/2 and a little controversy at the end of that one. but this is tom brady going up against that defense is really about as good a matchup as you can hope for in the national football league. >> so much at stake here, too, because as tony was talking about in the pregame show, the playoff positioning and a huge difference between being the one and two seed and number three, you have to play a wild card game. >> and colin kaepernick will be in one of those kind of games, those big moments, and is he ready? you know, as alex smith was the guy at least he had some playoff experience, but this is a big one for him. >> 49ers and patriots, that's next sunday night on nbc. it all starts at 7:00 eastern time. "football night in america." so this is the story from green bay. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. for our entire crew. saying good
. a big honor. callin colin kaepernick... >> i'm jason appelbaum, gary has the night off. colin kaepernick has been named the nfc offensive player of the week for his four touchdown performance in the niners 41-34 upset of the patriots 13-6 but the seattle is red hot behind rookie quarterback, russell wilson had a solid defense. 50-17 they beat buffalo and before that, arizona. that is 118 points in just two games. coach harbaugh passed if there were any similarities between the forty-niners and seattle. >> yes, they are enthusiastic and play well. i think that it is always a big, emotional game every single leak. we' alway taking that approach every single--week. the next game is the biggest week of the season. >> seattle is a 6-0 it is going to be difficult for them to have a victory but the raiders, have not had much of anything to cheer about howeverit's no secret that the raiders best player is likely their kicker. and today sebastian janikowski was named the afc special teams player of the week after he accounted for all the scoring in the raiders 15-nothing win over kansas city jani
, colin kaepernick lost. starter, alex smith was a sports starter on the sidelines, a spectator. coming up, sports director, gary radnich. >>catherine: also, prince william and kate expecting an error to the krona. and even if you are royalty still being pregnant can be a pain. >>pam: sports director, gary radnich is here. to talk about the kaepernick. >> apparently, there is no big deal but jim harbaugh is in love with this kid. and kaepernick pitches the ball over ted ginn's head janoris jenkins jumps on it fior the touchdown rams made the 2-point conversion to tie it kaepernick to delaney walker pass 49ers settle for a after sending the game into field goal jim harbaugh pounds colin kapernick's shoulder pads... kaepernick 50-yard run against rams colin kaepernick intentional resulting in a safety... then makes a bad pitch that results in the rams inly touchdown in their 16-13 overtime win over the 49ers greg zuerlein they call him "legatron" boots the game- winning 54-yard field goal and harbaugh walk off final: 16-13 rams 49ers 8-3-1 but first -- if you thought the 49-ers quarterback c
will be around. [ laughter ] >> cowboy up ! >>> how popular is colin kaepernick? he's got his own rap song. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> yeah! i like the tats. the kong is called kaepernicking, aka, the 49ers theme song. some parents.
his way in from the 1. that would be their only touchdown. it was still 7-0 when colin kaepernick throws the ball out of bounds. he was flagged for intentional grounding. with san francisco up 10-2, kaepernick it goes over the head. he is in for touchdown. smith can only wonder what if. rams tie it up with a 2-point conversion. it was 10 apiece. kaepernick tries to make up with his mistakes and scrambles and thanks to great blocks. for a 50-yard run the longest by a quarterback in 49er history. that led to a field goal. rams forced overtime. david akers with a chance with a win and this time from 51 yards. st. louis would take advantage. david is good from 54 yards. rams win 16-13. despite the loss harbaugh will start kaepernick next sunday. >> it was a tough game for a quarterback to play in. i thought he did well. i'll let you know if there is a change. right now, it will be the same as it was this week. >> and seattle went to overtime against chicago. russell wilson finds rice who makes the catch before taking a shot at the goal line. it's ruled a touchdown. seahawks win 23-17
. >>> jim harbaugh has decided to stick with colin kaepernick. it was this fumble that was so decisive. i'm guessing that play will not get called again. >>> rams head coach thought the play call was questionable. it's still tucking at jim harbaugh. here's the top five. >> i don't know what they were trying to accomplish there. you learn from it. feels like somebody took the reached into your chest and stomach and started pulling the innards out. >> number four kobe bryant joined to score 30,000 points. >>> number three. showing moves that ought to be illegal. jordan for the alley-oop. clips meet the mavs. >>> i wonder if rajon rondo moon nights as a magician. celtics win with an impossible move like that. >>> cubs manager went on a quail hunting trip with hall of famer and had a dick cheney moment. >> all of a sudden the shotgun goes off and i take a pellet in my ear. i got to take this out with pliers. i'm out hunting. it was interesting day. >> he got shot and he says oh that happens all the time. if i were him i'd go get a new hunting partner. >> yeah. >> i think that's fair. >> we'll
: i'm going to say it the 49ers have not been as effective with colin kaepernick as quarterback. his inexperience has become more evident every week. the 49er record for the most sacks in the season, finished with two on the day. miami mistake killed them before the end of the half. the punt, it's caught at the three, but it's a touchback, set it down at the three. niners get it at the 20. that lees to a field goal. crabtree, 20 yarder set up the field goal and the niners led 6-3 at the half. niners only 2-10 on third down conversions. special teams bailed them out. spillman recovers, gore converts. first play of the fourth quarter, gore with a great 19-yard run. he had 63 yards, sixth career 1,000-yard season. an athletic dixon, pounds it home for the niners from there. 26, san francisco. here come the dolphins, fourth and goal. tan in tan hill, watch this cat. capkaepernick was 18-23, only te t.d. passes, 129 attempts this season but he can run. 50-yard touchdown here seals it. 49ers let the dolphins stick around but come away with a w. 27-13 the final. coach on his offense. >> mia
but have connective road games against newland and seattle. colin kaepernick is entrenched as the starting quarterback. the 49ers were slow getting plays called and executed. forced them to burn their time outs, a topic jim harbaugh addressed. >> that happened observe before -- happened before. and we have to call the play, break the huddle, get set. >> one other 49er news, brandon jacobs has been suspended for the rest of the season. he had a successful first pre- season game, his knee was injured in the second game against houston. he has been inactive and made a series of social media posts. making team issues public does not sit well with the 49ers. >> a familiar story, build a successful program and the bigger schools with the bigger wallets will grab you. he took over a program that had gone 2-10 in 2009. this year they are 10-2, ranked 24th in the nation and headed to the military bowl. colorado offered him a 5 year contract. he inherits a team that went 1- 11. the worst season in colorado's history. hockey fans, due to the lock out, the league announced the league wiped out everyth
the best, why not the 49ers? >> randy moss will face his old team. while colin kaepernick may not be tom brady. randy moss can tell you a slitle something about how hard he throws the football. >> he dislocated my finger. he had to put one of those randy johnson fast balls on me. when it hit my finger, i felt my finger pop. but that's nothing to cry about. i could see if it was a knee or a shoulder, but a finger, everybody's fingers hurt. >> top five. louisville basketball coach's press conference. >> because -- hold on one second. hello? i'm just on a press conference. where would you like to meet for a drink? some people will have a drink with you, bob. >> married, by the way. >>> no. 4, time to get physical. ben got an elbow in his face. lakers beat the cavs. then abby got her dome rattled. usa wins 4-0. if tony doesn't think he can get a date with elizabeth, yes! they beat the wizards. this 28-pound, 9 ounce trout. you know where? lake tahoe. that would be bass. lake tahoe, a 42-inch long fish. and i know most fans get up in the morning and go right to read the 49ers. i go to read t
of the country think the patriots will win a win by the niners would not only cement colin kaepernick's status as the undisputed starterit could clinch the division - if seattle loses to buffalo the matchup really comes down to one thing spherecan the 49ers top ranked defense stop the patriots number one offense? new england putting up 36 points per game while the niners only allow 14 let's hear from both teams: carlos rogers, brady, tarell brown >> there is really no weakness on this team. you have to do well. they will even sacked the quarterback with an incredible pace. it is a lot of challenges. we are going to have to play our best king. >> theylot of different weapons, and a lot of the average guy sicken make a lot of different places. we are definite going to se fight against three. he has the keys. on baseball, and this chat gaudin has recently been signed. chad -- >> the 29 year-old is a 10 year veteran of a declining the august 19th. this other teeteam player is xavier nady he signed a minor- league contract with their roles that will be is an 19th-team. the big story is the 49ers o
and it was a tale of two halves. patriots dominated the second. cold and rainy night in new england, colin kaepernick, gets the niners on the first. randy moss, third catch of the year. he throws it right on the money to walker. 17-3, niners at the half. second half started out good for the niners. dante knocks it out of his hand. on the recovery, gets it all the way down to the patriots 4-yard line. kaepernick had trouble handling the snap all night. four fumbles, luckily frank gore saved it here and somehow scores on the play. tom brady, two interceptions, smith ends up with this one and niners get it back in patriots territory. next play, kaepernick, third td, 27 yards, 31-3, game over? wrong. hernandez, brady gets the ball back goes down the sidelines, deep to lloyd, 53 of his 190 yards receiving. two plays later. he punches it in. we have a tie game. are you kidding me. next play, kaepernick, crabtree again, seven catches, 107 yards, they would add a late field goal and go it 41-34 your final. >>> all right. seahawks keeping the pressure on the niners, they beat the bills. wilson ran
, lamichael james. first play from scrimmage. it is colin kaepernick, michael grabtry hooking up -- crabtree hooking up. the 49ers didn't blow that lead and coach couldn't be prouder of their effort. >> yeah, there is never a time with our team that, you know, that you -- you -- you see the evidence it is getting to them or that, you know, they are pointing fingers at -- at one another. both teams really wanted to show they were the better team and it was a great -- it was a great game. exciting game. very competitive. >> to say the least. we had college basketball hoop history tonight. that is jim boeheim, the head coach at syracuse going for his 900th win tonight and he got it over the university of detroit. mean time san jose state football's program introduces their new coach, bay area native. big shoes to fill. but it is a 5 year contract and he is used to replacing guys with big names. in san diego he replaced jim harbaugh. knows how tafill the -- to fill the shoes. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m., the after math of the school massacre in newton, connecticut. a vigil in the bay area to honor
national attention. out dueling tom brady. colin kaepernick is the player of the week. four touchdowns helping the 49ers to the huge win sunday. only the 4th quart to throw -- quarterback to throw four touchdowns there, tom brady and peyton manning the other two. he says it is not all about him. >> i think it is a great accolade for this team. i mean, there is a lot of great players on this team that put on the effort for that award to come around. >> nice day to be voted as always. we are always happy for the other guy's success. >> forget about the raiders grasping for good news. he is the afc special team's player of the week. 5 field goals. a certain bright spot for the raiders. 15-0 win over kansas city. he comes through big time. didn't get a chance to show you this yesterday, kind of rushed, but you know what, the a's with the new shortstop. 2 years, $6.5 million contract and a big personality as well it seems. >> i am honored to be here today. and thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> i also want to funny dance with oakland. thank you. >> wants to do the barny dance. he said bel
kaepernick is the -- colin kaepernick is the player of the week. at 10. ,,
. colin kaepernick, just five. peyton manning is the only other quarterback in league history to throw four touchdown passes at gillette stadium. >>> david shaw took over the stanford head coaching job for jim harbaugh two years ago. today he signs a long-term deal with the school. now, terms of the extension were not announced. but shaw hinted he's here to stay. >> it goes for a while. this is good. put it this way, i wanna be coaching here until my kids graduate from here, and i have a two-year-old. >>> and no. 4, chandler, he had three alley- oop dunks tonight get the nets. >>> when you pass to a teammate, make sure he's looking. >>> college in minnesota, the latest group of papers to put up a viral trick-shot video, that was not editing. the king of the european league. lookie there. he scored 100 goals in three years. that is why he is the best striker in soccer. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. t
colin kaepernick has the attention of the league as well. the defensive coordinator of of the 49ers has his troops ready as he sizes up the opposing quarterback. >> quarterback got better and better as you expect a rookie quarterback to do. no longer a rookie, this is his 15th start. good quarterback. fast. good command of the offense. throws the deep stuff well. and, you know, great acquisition for them. >> mean time, one of the most prized high school prospects in the country in a long time, they are saying this guy is in the lebron james category. his name is parker. the son of former golden state warriors sonny parker. you may remember. he has been deciding what college he wants to attend and stanford was one of the final contenders but he is going to duke. he announced that on national television from his high school. parker will go to duke and the way things work in college basketball, he will be there for no more than a year. unfortunately for college basketball. it is better when they stick around. but not coming to stanford, going to duke. >> all right. >> with coach k. >> than
made a top. colin kaepernick keeps it and 49ers maintainedpt no. 2 playoff spot in the nfc and their margin ore the seath seahawks in the division. 27-13 the final. they are 9-3-1 with a big match up next weekend in new england. the niners took some heat for their play-calling last week. not so late in the game today. >> great call by greg and it was a big 3rd down conversion. we have been struggling on 3rd downs and to get that one to pop, and get the touchdown was great, you know? so it was better than having to punt it back to miami at that point. >> two scores will jump out at you in today's other games by teams who right now would be in the playoffs. former seattle quarterback jon kitna doing 12th man honors. the arizona cardinal were never in it. this is the third touchdown of the day for marshawn lynch, rushing for 28 are yards as the seahawks ran up the score of 8-0, a franchise-record. >>> the saints take a lead over the giant and david wilson responded with this effort on the ensuing kickoff, a 97-yard return, wilson had a team record 327 all-purpose yards. that
>> of course the big story come sunday will be 49ers- patriots.can colin kaepernick and company do something nobody has done in 10 years.win a december game in foxboro. that's right.tom brady and the patriots have won 20 straight at home during the month of december - going back to 2002 >> 49ers vs. patriots that's right.tom brady and the patriots have won 20 straight at home during the month of december - going all the way back to 2002 so no surprise that new england is a pretty heavy favorite at 5 2 points espn did a poll and two- thirds of the country think the patriots will win a win by the niners would not only cement colin kaepernick's status as the undisputed starterit could clinch the division - if seattle loses to buffalo the matchup really comes down to one thing can the 49ers top ranked defense stop the patriots number one offense? new england putting up 36 points per game while the niners only allow 14 let's hear from both teams: >> we are going to a two- step up and play to the end. brady will want to make his place. we're going to make our please. we will have to play to the en
break down sunday's match-up.it didn't take long for colin kaepernick to win his first offensive player of the week award kaepernick was honored today for his four touchdown performance in the niners 41-34 upset of the patriots.just his fifth career nfl start. and -- we are continuing to tonight. and onto sunday's big game. the last times these that were at wheat seven in candlestick park. this touchdown and the interception. smith had a big game in the 49ers had victory, 14-6. the seattle team has been a bit different with rookie quarterback wilson has been the first seahawks quarterback, ever. rushing. antic at this, seattle has outscored opponents 118-7. coach jim harbaugh was asked if there is any similarity between the 49ers and the seahawks? >> yes they have been playing with a lot of energy and they are well coached. it is usually a big, emotional game every single week we have already taken that approach that the next game is the biggest game of the season. >> this could be the truly the biggest. and one injury note. he had an arm injury and did not practice today. and he is kno
colin kaepernick. the rain in moraga sent a tree crashing into a power pole 31-all. if you think that harbaugh. 62 yds, on this unassuming kickoff. after they tied it up, that is key. at the very next play, kaepernick submits himself as the quarterback in the future for the 49ers. he finds crabtree again and it is a low-fastball. and they will take the lead again and hold on. kaepernick, the first since garcia and 2003. to throw three touchdowns in a game. and after a long fight, jim harbaugh meeting with the media today. >> going into the game, it was obvious that both games and both teams desperately wanted to end the game. it felt like both ames wanted to prove that there were the better team. and both -- teams wanted to prove. and both teams have a lot of pride. and really they came out to see who was better and wanted to be better. and wanted to win that game and it showed >> catherine, last night it put them into the power ranking it will not mean that much if they lose in seattle against the seahawks. where they are- not beaten. they could clinch the n f l sepossible playo
story come sunday will be 49ers- patriots.can colin kaepernick and company do something nobody has done in 10 years.win a december game in foxboro. that's right.tom brady and the patriots have won 20 straight at home during the month of december - going back to 1992 49ers vs. patriots that's right.tom brady and the patriots have won 20 straight at home during the month of december - going all the way back to 2002 so no surprise that new england is a pretty heavy favorite at 5 2 points thirds of the country think the patriots will win a win by the niners would not only cement colin kaepernick's status as the undisputed starterit could clinch the division - if seattle loses to buffalo the matchup really comes down to one thing can the 49ers top ranked defense stop the patriots number one offense? new england putting up 36 points per game while the niners only allow 14 let's hear from both teams: >> we are going to play to the and it really is going to make their place and we are going to make our place. >> there's no real weakness on this team. we have to do everything well. we will have
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not a great day for kaepernick for the 49ers the honeymoon is over colin kaepernick the 2nd year qb making his 3rd straight start - and getting the jim harbaugh pregame treatment....alex smith says...hey that used to be me coach >> take a look at the number of sex that was tied a 17.5. he said that record in the ec duve live pure and half the number of-sex, kaepernick comes back, with another crucial mistake. sacks... that is a safety, tar balls looks on and not have the seven-two, 49 years. the fourth quarter, the option flips over the player recovering up in the end zone alex smith. the rams, after a 5 yd penalty and a two-point conversion. tying it at 10-10. audi nine years get people back this could have been a defining moment of kaepernick career. and the 50 yd game for 84 yds rushing. since steve young, 22 years ago and on the next play hardball is aggressive. he goes for the touchdown. he could have had it but delaney will purchase of the fingertips. they set it up for a field goal. with just three seconds to go their return the favor, gregg could be one of the guest best kicker, nails
with the philadelphia eagles job. colin kaepernick. was speaking today. >> that is something that i do not worry about i am here to play football. whatever the media is riding i am here to perform. >> he has done a great job getting out of trouble and extending place. he has been accurate. and a lot of good things. >> he should beat miami on sunday. >> stanford rose bowl have a new coach. coach bret bee- leh-ma, who shocked his team by taking the arkansas head coaching job yesterday - will not coach in the rose bowl versus stanford. there he is. nobody really faulted him for bettering himself however the athletic alvarez said get the heck out - and will coach the team himself on january 1st. alvarez is no stranger to coaching - he led the badgers to three rose bowl wins as their head coach lost the last two rose bowls at wisconsin and joked today, "they might actually win one now." >> the warriors are going what good teams do on the road. beating the detroit pistons. grew up 100 mi. outside of detroit in saginaw. seth curry. the first warrior to have a consistent number of points. and to their credit,
advantage of. it's just a very solid group. spot 1 to 11. >> how does colin kaepernick react to his first loss? he will make his third start for the red and gold. last week niners lost in overtime. call it a learning experience for the second year quarterback. his teammates have been supportive coming off the loss. >> biggest thing was move on and get ready for next week. we'll be ready for miami. >> we have faith and trust in colin and way he has placed. -- the way he has played. he has done a great job of getting out of trouble and extending plays. he has v been very accurate in throwing the football. he has done a lot of good things. >>> warriors begin a second road trip. a two week voyage beginning in detroit. warriors took the court and david lee going to the glass here. he had 20 points. curry and warriors by 2 at the break. they had 39 points. clay thompson, red hot. scored 19 points in the period with four straight 3's. warriorsith 18 after three-quarters on the road. nice game for curry who had 10 points. warriors survive, improve to 11-7, 104-97, nice way to start a lengthy. >>
established alex smith is the backup quarterback to colin kaepernick. smith gets one of his two sacks. the defense did not allow a touchdown until the 4th quarter. the 49ers got a big break early in the 3rd. the muffed punt recovered by stillman. frank gore burrows into the end zone. the 49ers went on an y dixon pu from there to make it 20-6. the dolphins weren't finished. anthony fasano in the back of the end zone. a super effort ak
trickery - the flea flicker colin kaepernick who throws the ball 55 yards right onreplay shows #25 rj stanford niners - later in the drivefrank gore 19 yards down to the 1 where anthony dixon would score on the next play to cap off a 14 play, 83 yard drive - gore goes over the 1,000 yard8) give the dolphins credit throught the 4tha great diving one handed catch by anthony fasano for the 3 >> this is a tough game, what the we did great. >> the next two weeks that wind. and also seattle what could be the battle for the nfc west. college hoops, tell hosting u.n.l.v., my incomand mymontgomery- 2:15 left.. huge games coming up for the niners the next two weeks....at new england next sunday night, and then at seattle in what could be a battle for the nfc west montgomery's bears could 1) mike montgomery 2) nice backdoor cut for tyrone wallace who goes up and under for the layup and 2nd half cal up 2 3) unlv's anthony bennett - 4) here's the ballgame- cal up by 1 anthony marshall the airball the airball and puts it back fat history the 25 yeard old with a little give and go and the powerful l
will be saddled up. >> take a look he will be up on the field. now given colin kaepernick's he had to get his own crops along rap song (baby rap) she is on youtube... success - no surprise fans are popping up everywhere. m.sanchez benched no tebow- what does tim tebow have to do to get a chance with the jets? last night new york was eliminated from the playoffs after mark sanchez threw four interceptions - and had another key fumble at the end of the game that effectively ended their season. mcelroy is now favored. tebow now if you recall? with the press conference, the private jet when he led the broncos to a playoff game last year. you wonder if our reps ryan will keep his came after this season. heisman winner johnny manzell is still racking up postseason honors the texas a&m quarterback was named the associated press player of the year - the first freshman in history win that award he also achieved the davey o'brien award with 24 touchdowns, 1,180 yds and 19 touchdowns at into his 10 victories since 1998. texas a&m will play january 4th in the cotton bowl. college basketball.stanford back ea
a minute to go and taylor drives and will get the friendly shooter's role. stanford improves and colin kaepernick player of the week. he led five weeks and sara is a big fan breaking out her cap rap. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
trying to confuse colin kaepernick, michael crabtree has 66 catches, 761 yards, averaging almost 12 yards per catch. biggest improvement this year has been what he does with the ball everywards according to his coach. >> his yards after catch, he has been doing that the entire year. he is -- playing as well as anybody in the game running with the ball after the catch, yard after catch, yards after contact. as good as anybody in the league. >> mike: going to need a lot of those touchdowns. >> players get days off. they rest or take care offer rans but mr. crabtree is helping kid that remind him of himself growing up in texas. >> video game publisher was demonstrating its latest game this week, hip-hop dance experience, to the local boys and girls club of san francisco. this game uses nfl players and all of a sudden it came to life as 49er wide receiver michael crabtree showed up. >> it was amazing. he was like really nice. >> michael got involved and now donates $1,000 for every touchdown he catch thoaz boys and girls club of san francisco, with his crab-shake touchdown dance which he dom
? michael crabtree grabs the pass from colin kaepernick and goes 38 yards for the score. that is it for new england. san fran holds up the pats, 31-24. >>> big drama in overtime. ben roethlisberger's pass gets picked off by brandon karr. he gets all the way down to the 1 yard line and that sets up dan bailey's 21-yard field goal. cowboys rally to beat the steelers, 27-24. dallas now in a three-way tie for first in the nfc with the giants and redskins. >>> and he is off. the vikings' adrian peterson goes up the middle for an 82-yard touchdown against the rams. the rams' danny amendola catches a pass and spikes the ball and look out. freak accident. this guy actually has to be taken off the field. vikings silence the rams, 36-22. >>> more news coming up in two minutes on this monday morning. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news." [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to streng
. they will include boys in their ads, as well. >> finally 49ers new star quarter colin kaepernick predicted his future exactly back in the fourth grade. >> this is cute. take a look at his letter he wrote to himself. in he expected to be 6'4" tall when he grew up and play for the 9ers. he also said though he would grow to weigh 140 pounds. yeah, he was off on that by 100 pounds. but the rest of it came true. kaepernick, by the way, didn't almost play football. he almost played baseball. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, >> katie: answer me. the kiss between you and my husband-- do you have feelings for bill? >> brooke: i can't believe taylor came to you with this. >> katie: (sighs) she wasn't trying to be malicious. she was just concerned. should she be? should i? >> taylor: i know about the kiss, bill-- a kiss, obviously, you and brooke don't want anyone else
- he suffered the concussion the following week and lost the job to colin kaepernick. >> that was our goal, to become part of the west but we need to win. >> this week with david tree, that is what we are concentrating on right now. this week, we need a win. the 49ers a very different team now - and with the division title at stake their doing their best not >> anthony davis fined 49ers right tackle anthony davis was fined $10,000 for this late hit on seattle rookie cornerback jeremy lane it happened late in the game with the seahawks victory well in hand davis is 330 poundslane is 190 the best part is when davis puts his arms up at the end, like "who me?" so davis, $10 grand lighter in the wallet >> i am going to go with torrel pryor >> one other piece of 49ers news- tight end vernon davis officially listed as questionable as he tries to bounce back from a concussion the raiders meanwhile -- will have a new starting quarterback sunday in san diego pryor m akes first startand a collective, "better late than never" from raider fans quite frankly pryor seemed like the obvious choice ove
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